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Noise training courses

Noise Training Courses and Workshops – from Briefings to Full IOSH Competency

“… superb … the best course I have ever been on …”

noise and vibration (hand arm vibration - HAV) training from workshops to IOSH competency

The INVC is the IOSH approved noise training organisation – and the major provider of noise competency training in the UK and Ireland. We developed and have run the courses for IOSH and other training organisations over many years and a wide range of customised in-house versions for major companies. We also collaborate with the HSE and HSL in the development of noise control workshops.

Many thanks for your excellent, well grounded and humorous talk yesterday – much appreciated by everybody there… Some of your real world illustrations and solutions were certainly thought provoking… the best noise presentation I’ve ever been to…” BOHS – Andy Phillips: HSE

From IOSH competency to workshops, all noise training courses are run by practicing consultant engineers with many years of experience in the field – not academics or perpetual trainers…  This makes the training highly practical and effective with a style and content that goes down very well with busy professionals. All course material is multi-media with matching course notes.

INVC noise training couples state of the art best practice with additional technical and engineering support available during implementation. This can include template documentation and systems to ensure you get the maximum benefit from acquiring and implementing Best Practice and Best Technology. The noise course modules below are the “standard” range. Customised versions are developed and run regularly for particular industries and to suit particular requirements. Noise training courses carry CPD points and certification where appropriate.

HSE Noise Control Workshops – New

Joint HSE/HSL/INVC noise control campaign workshops

The HSE sees many companies who focus on measuring, rather than eliminating, noise problems. This is like trying to deal with a very hot office by buying a new thermometer instead of opening a window or installing A/C… Find out about the latest HSE expectations and the new technologies that can now make noise reduction very low cost – or even self-financing.

As PPE provides only a fraction of the protection generally assumed, reducing noise levels is a necessity. This workshop provides both a detailed guide to the latest HSE expectations re noise at work and to noise control best practice based on the latest technology. Delegates will leave with low cost, practical solutions to many of the most common noise problems – solutions that can actually reduce operational costs as well as reducing, or eliminating, hearing damage risk.

Delegates will also have the rare opportunity to discuss their noise risk management programmes and issues both with Chris Steel (Specialist N&V HSE Inspector) and with our Technical Director, Peter Wilson.

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IOSH Certified Noise Competency Training Course

Occupational Industrial Noise Competency Training: 4 – 5 days

This IOSH approved course is a practical, enjoyable and non-academic way of becoming a competent person under the regulations. It will save you time and money by showing you how to meet all the regulatory requirements as efficiently and practically as possible – whatever your industry. Find out why two thirds of noise risk assessments are not fit for purpose (HSE figures) and why many of them are just placebo activities.

Make your noise assessment an investment that pays for itself – and can perhaps eliminate the requirement for PPE…. Our noise courses include a unique way of performing all calculations without maths or a calculator and are available at a variety of venues with extensive practical work. In-house versions can be modular so that managers, staff, engineers and operators can sit-in on particular elements as required.

“…made noise measurement & calculations easy and both theoretical and practical sessions were superb… the best course I’ve ever been on.” Sean O’Sullivan : H&S Manager, Harris Ireland
“Excellent course, brilliant tutor with a hint of sarcasm, made it more fun” Graham Jones, Safety, Quality and Environment Advisor, London Underground

Entertainment / Music Industry Noise Competency Training: 3 days

noise competency training for the music, venue and entertainment industriesThe entertainment / music industry noise competency noise training course is specifically designed for EHOs, venues, broadcasters, orchestras and event organisers. The noise regulations have applied to the music and entertainment industry since April 2008. Meeting the requirements is a challenge that requires a seismic shift in attitude and practice across the industry. This practical 3 day music and entertainment noise competency training course provides a pragmatic guide to best practice with extensive use of case studies from the entertainment and music sectors with practical work involving both classic and contemporary examples.
This is an IOSH video interview with Peter Wilson on the subject of entertainment noise.

Environmental Noise Competency Training: 3 days

Ideal for anyone involved in environmental noise measurement, management or control. This noise training course ensures that delegates have a sufficiently detailed understanding of the principles so that they can apply their expertise to any environmental noise situation.

“As always with INVC noise courses, brings you up to speed with acoustics and makes it seem like common sense” Paul Pearse Env. Control Officer, Colchester BC

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Noise Master Classes

Master classes are intensive one day workshops that provide an in-depth guide to current best practice for the topic.

Noise Risk Management Update

Current risk assessment and management practice has failed. This is how we fix it…

  • New HSE guidance on risk management
  • New early warning hearing test technology (OAE)
  • New approach to risk management to reduce risk by 90%…

Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims running at c £400,000,000 p.a. is unsustainable, demonstrating that current risk management processes have failed and must be changed. This workshop details the key best practice innovations that should be introduced to reduce future hearing damage risk by c 90% at a fraction of the cost of the current processes. It is suitable for anyone with responsibilities for risk management who needs to keep up to date with the latest developments and expectations or for people who have previously attended accredited noise competency training.

  • Early detection of hearing loss using the new OAE hearing test technology. Fast, objective and low cost. A review plus demonstrations on delegates by world experts.
  • New approach to risk management makes simple, effective “low hanging fruit” risk reduction available to anyone.
  • PPE real world performance algorithm. Did you know typical PPE performance is often <10% of what you expect and women can get up to 9dB less attenuation than men…
  • Low cost noise control techniques made accessible to all – >50% reduction in risk…

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Fan Noise Control – learn how to cut fan noise attenuation costs by 50% – 110%*

Fans are the most common of all noise sources – yet typical fan silencing projects rely on expensive antediluvian techniques that haven’t changed in 3d fan flow simulation weba century. This pragmatic Fan Noise Attenuation Master Class provides you with a definitive guide as to what constitutes “best practice” in assessing and controlling fan noise (from take-away kitchen extracts to steel works). It also includes practical advice on effective measurement, analysis and the specification of noise limits – and advice on how to get a second opinion to avoid potentially expensive mistakes… The Master Class carries 2 CPD points and includes:-

  • Fan noise attenuation
    Simple, low cost retro-fit noise control techniques for many common fan noise problems – materials – installation details – silencers – setting noise specifications – evaluating what constitutes BAT / BPM. Includes a review of the latest aerodynamic source control and improved efficiency technology (silencing without silencers).
  • Diagnosis – smartphone recording – analysissmartphone web
    BS4142 problems – how to assess fan noise – convert old noise meters into calibrated sound recorders for £100 – fan noise analysis, from ears to PCs…
  • Remote control of fan noise to speed up projects or complaint resolution
    Get fan noise attenuation options and costs free by email via noise levels, smartphone recordings and photos. Many innovative noise control projects can actually improve system efficiency, making it profitable for the organisation.
  • FrequencyMaster: Noise Frequency Analysis Software – free personal copy (usually £900)
    1/1, 1/3 and tonal noise, FrequencyMaster makes fan noise analysis simple

*where increased system efficiency saves power or increases productivity

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Short Noise Training Courses

Noise Measurement and Management Best Practice Workshop: 1 day

The expectations of the HSE with respect to occupational noise under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations are often misunderstood, resulting in either inefficient or poor compliance. This workshop provides delegates who do not need the full IOSH noise competency training with a pragmatic guide to “best practice”. It includes basic noise measurement so that delegates can carry out quick checks against the regulatory Action Levels. As such, it is also an ideal update for those with some experience of assessing and managing noise. It gives delegates practical information on the improvements in quality and efficiency that can often be made by using the latest techniques. Download 1 day noise measurement and management programme course programme here…

Noise Control Workshop for H&S Professionals: 1 day

This noise control training workshop includes simple procedures that ensure you select the best solution to any noise problem and provides details of new, low cost engineering techniques and materials to reduce noise at source. These are modifications that can simply be retro-fitted to existing plant to provide large noise reductions at source with no effect on access, maintenance or productivity – and with virtually no down-time. The information in this course will not only change the way you and your company approach noise control, but should also reduce your costs by 50% – 90%. Download 1 day noise control course programme here…

Noise Control Workshop for Engineers and Designers: 1 – 3 days – public and customised in-house versions

This is a version of the noise control training course that has been specifically developed for engineers who need to reduce noise from plant and machinery on their own sites. This workshop is often run in-house with practical work carried out on real current projects. The “for designers” version is aimed at engineers involved in the design and development of quiet plant and equipment that requires reduced noise/vibration for technical, legal or marketing reasons. Provides delegates with a detailed practical knowledge of engineering techniques and materials.

“A far more interesting subject than I had imagined and very well presented. Peter should do a Christmas lecture…” Alan Powell systems engineer Kimberly Clark

Noise Management and Reporting Competency Update: 1 – 2 days

This course provides delegates who have had competency training or assessment experience with an advanced update and a practical “refresher” to ensure that techniques, materials and procedures are kept up-to-date.  It defines current “best practice” to produce the highest quality assessments quickly and efficiently and carries 4 CPD points.
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Noise Briefings for Busy People: 1 – 4 hours

Occupational Noise Management Best Practice Briefing

A short, intensive noise training course for companies that wish to update policy to reflect current “best practice”. Based on material originally developed for the HSE/EEF road-shows to launch the new regulations, this “best practice” briefing can dramatically change your approach to noise management in just an hour…. “presentation was superb”, “best presentation .. well done”…

Buy Quiet Management and Noise Specification: Occupational or IPPC / ISO14001: 3 – 4 hours

Don’t let suppliers waste your money on noise control that is not best practice
“ Probably the single most cost effective long term noise control measure a company can take . .“ These in-house noise workshops are designed for use in conjunction with the de-facto UK standard template Buy Quiet documentation and procedures developed by us – versions of which are in use across a wide range of industries.

Infrastructure / Construction / Demolition Noise training

Site Noise and Vibration Management Best Practice Workshop

These modular one or two day courses are targeted at site managers, supervisors, planning engineers plus safety and environmental staff. It provides them with the technical and practical background required to create and implement plans to meet Best Practical means (BPM) noise and vibration management requirements to minimise the likelihood of complaints from local residents. This combined technical briefing and workshop is designed to provide a practical and pragmatic guide to managing noise and vibration from infrastructure and construction sites including Section 61 applications.
The objective is to provide delegates with a clear understanding of what constitutes “best practice” using the most up-to-date techniques (including case studies that illustrate new and innovative techniques). Part one is a management briefing for site staff (managers and supervisors) who require a pragmatic overview of what constitutes best practice in site management with respect to noise and vibration. Staff who will need more detailed information and expertise (planning, safety, environmental) can stay-on for part two of the workshop. It is also an opportunity to pick the brains of engineers with decades of experience. Bespoke template documentation (e.g. Section 61) can also be provided.
Download detailed training programmes

Eductaional / Motivational / Noise Toolbox Talks

Hearing Damage Risk : Motivation and Protection 30mins. – 1 hour

Highly motivational material to encourage personnel to take the risks to their own hearing seriously – and to show them how to protect themselves. Includes graphic images and audio examples of damage, hearing loss and tinnitus plus the facility to perform a mass audiogram to demonstrate hearing acuity variation in the audience.

Hearing Damage Risk Toolbox Talk

The short motivational course on noise is also available. This makes life easier for safety and training professionals by providing digital material and resources for use in-house. They include multimedia elements and full script documentation. Support is also available as an initial INVC presentation to train trainers. Customised versions can also be generated if required.

Training the Trainers Noise Workshop

A short course – usually coupled with a live toolbox talk – to train personnel to roll-out the toolbox talk across an organisation.

Noise Training for Local Authorities

BPM / BAT – Noise Recording – Fan Noise Control

We have developed a suite of very successful noise training workshops for EHOs. These include the following workshops and the full Music and Entertainment Industry noise competency course for those responsible for policing the new regulations.

Best Practicable Means (BPM) / Best Available Technology (BAT) Noise Control Workshop

“Best Practicable Means” (or BAT) for noise control can mean different things to different people. In most cases, the level of knowledge and expertise used to define the noise control options is depressingly basic. This noise training workshop, however, provides practical guidelines, background information and case studies that can be followed by non-specialists to establish just what does constitute “best practice” covering:-

  • setting effective noise specifications
  • providing non-engineers with the only effective procedure to define the conditions for BAT noise control
  • assessing whether the correct BPM procedure has been followed

Digital Noise Recording Workshop + Noise Nuisance Recording

The use of various digital and DAT recorders for noise recording in the field has become increasingly common. This workshop covers the procedures required to obtain accurate and reliable calibrated recordings using both hand held and purpose built complainant operated equipment (noise nuisance recorders). It also covers the objective and rapid analysis of recorded data (particularly on PCs). Also included is the use of frequency analysis (for BS 4142) and for noise source diagnosis.The aims of the noise training are to ensure that delegates are confident in the use and calibration of all types of recorder and in the rapid, accurate processing and analysis of recordings.

Fan Noise Control Training Course

fan noise reduction training courseFrom large industrial units to fast food restaurant kitchen extract fans, fans of all kinds are the single most common environmental noise source. This workshop provides detailed guidance on “best practice” to assess (eg setting specifications where there is tonal content) and control fan noise from all types of fan.The aims of the workshop are to provide delegates with case studies on measurement, setting noise specifications, materials, installation details, silencers and simple, low cost fan noise reduction retro-fixes for many small fan installations.

“..the best lecturer I have ever had with relevant case studies.” Jon Tofts: PPC officer Environment Agency

Music Venue Noise Assessment Workshop

This workshop is based on extracts from the 3 day IOSH Entertainment Industry Noise Competency course that have been customised to suit the requirements of Local Authorities. Targeted at measuring and assessing the risks to hearing in pubs, clubs and other venues, it is highly practical, “entertaining” and provides delegates with the skills and knowledge they need to make the process as simple and effective as possible.
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Specialised / Bespoke Noise Training Courses

Specialised noise training courses are also available, either in-house or at our premises covering topics such as Product Testing, Best Practicable Means and Environmental Noise Specification, Digital Recording Signal Processing and Analysis … Contact us if you would like to discuss particular training requirements.