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Fan noise reduction – efficiency gains without attenuators

Award Winning Fan Noise Attenuation Technology Fan noise reduction technology reduces capital cost by 80% – 90% and reduces running costs The performance and efficiency of industrial fans is often seriously compromised by fan silencers, particularly for low frequency noise problems. … Continue reading

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HAV-Test Vibrating Tool Maintenance System

Automated HAVS Tool Condition Vibration Testing HAV-Test is used to cut the scheduled tool maintenance programme costs by 40% – 60% and to minimise Hand-Arm Vibration risk. The unique vibration analysis technique used by HAV-Test is currently the only practical … Continue reading

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Technical notes and presentations

Noise and Vibration Technical Notes The following are newsletters, technical notes and presentation material covering a range of industry news, technical topics, noise and vibration innovations and best practice. Simply click on the links to access the PDF files. Additional … Continue reading

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Local Authorities

Best Practice in Noise Measurement, Control and Training for Regulators We provide extensive specialist technical support, information and training on noise and vibration both to regulators (Local Authorities and Environment Agency) and to industry. This section covers some of the … Continue reading

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Hand Arm Vibration training courses

Hand-Arm Vibration training courses – from briefings to full competency The INVC is the IOSH approved HAV training organisation – and the major provider of HAV and noise competency training in the UK and Ireland. We developed and run the … Continue reading

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Noise training courses

Noise Training Courses and Workshops – from Briefings to Full IOSH Competency “… superb … the best course I have ever been on …” The INVC is the IOSH approved noise training organisation – and the major provider of noise … Continue reading

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Production noise / vibration testing

Automated Production Line Noise and Vibration Testing Production line noise and vibration analysis is a powerful tool for quality testing of a wide range of components and products. Production testing not only “closes the loop”, giving immediate diagnostic feedback on … Continue reading

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Environmental vibration

Ground, Building and Plant Vibration A complete range of vibration measurement, evaluation and control services for the construction and demolition industries that extend well beyond conventional monitoring. We not only provide a complete range of conventional services covering all aspects … Continue reading

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Whole Body Vibration – WBV

Whole Body Vibration assessment and control We provide a comprehensive Whole Body Vibration (WBV) assessment service against the requirements of the regulations. This can also be extended to include design and development work plus engineering recommendations to reduce the levels … Continue reading

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Hand Arm Vibration – HAV – Assessment

Best Practice in HAV Assessment and Risk Management – simpler than you think… HAV measurements – usually an unnecessary expense… HAV regulations: control vibration risk, don’t measure… Beware manufacturers’ vibration data for risk assessment, and why not optimise tool maintenance? … Continue reading

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