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Stack and Fan Systems: Increased Efficiency and Lower Noise

Stealth and efficiency: the potential to make fans and stacks up to 20% more efficient and 99% quieter* Did you know it’s often possible to reduce the noise from stack systems and associated fans and to improve the efficiency using innovative aerodynamic technology … Continue reading

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Fan noise reduction – efficiency gains without attenuators

Award Winning Fan Noise Attenuation Technology Fan noise reduction technology reduces capital cost by 80% – 90% and reduces running costs The performance and efficiency of industrial fans is often seriously compromised by fan silencers, particularly for low frequency noise problems. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Noise Control Solutions

Our original “Top 10” has been the first ranked industrial noise control document on the web via the UK HSE website. This is the update, 10 years on…   These are 10 simple engineering noise control techniques that have wide … Continue reading

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Stressed to death by noise…

24% hospital admission increase due to stroke… We all know that noise can be stressful – and that there is an ever increasing level that seeps into and through our lives like rising flood water.  However, a study published this … Continue reading

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Low Cost Fan Noise Attenuation in the Power Industry

An article about the application of our Quiet Fan technology (QFt) to reduce the noise from large fans feeding stacks in the power industry has been published in Power Engineering International. The journalist suggests that the widespread adoption of the … Continue reading

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Technical notes and presentations

Noise and Vibration Technical Notes The following are newsletters, technical notes and presentation material covering a range of industry news, technical topics, noise and vibration innovations and best practice. Simply click on the links to access the PDF files. Additional … Continue reading

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Environmental noise assessment

Environmental Noise Measurement, Monitoring and Analysis – plus something more … In addition to conventional environmental noise measurement / monitoring, we also add the options of source identification and noise control. These can extend the exercise into something much more … Continue reading

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Remote control of noise best practice by email

SoundBreaking Noise Reduction For many noise problems, we can get the diagnostic information we need via your smartphone and then email you the costed options for local implementation. This free service reduces typical project costs by c 80%. Previous users saved $1m … Continue reading

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Industrial fan noise reduction: low frequency – tones – hums…

Award Winning Industrial Fan Noise Control – stealth and efficiency… Self-financing fan silencing – without silencers… Innovative fan noise reduction techniques that have saved £millions in capital and in reduced running costs… Self-financing fan silencing makes use of innovative aerodynamic … Continue reading

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Occupational noise control

Profit from Noise Control Best Practice SoundBreaking technology Our many clients benefit from award winning, innovative new technology in occupational and high hygiene noise control. Simpler, faster and providing 50% – 80% cost savings over conventional techniques such as acoustic … Continue reading

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