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Fan noise reduction – efficiency gains without attenuators

Award Winning Fan Noise Attenuation Technology Fan noise reduction technology reduces capital cost by 80% – 90% and reduces running costs The performance and efficiency of industrial fans is often seriously compromised by fan silencers, particularly for low frequency noise problems. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Noise Control Solutions

Our original “Top 10” has been the first ranked industrial noise control document on the web via the UK HSE website. This is the update, 10 years on…   These are 10 simple engineering noise control techniques that have wide … Continue reading

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Low Cost Fan Noise Attenuation in the Power Industry

An article about the application of our Quiet Fan technology (QFt) to reduce the noise from large fans feeding stacks in the power industry has been published in Power Engineering International. The journalist suggests that the widespread adoption of the … Continue reading

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Buy Quiet Noise Purchasing Policies, Standards and Training

Buy Quiet – effective specifications Don’t let your suppliers waste your money on noise control measures that are not best practice… Implementing and policing a noise buying policy for new plant can be either the single most cost effective – … Continue reading

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Industrial fan noise reduction: low frequency – tones – hums…

Award Winning Industrial Fan Noise Control – stealth and efficiency… Self-financing fan silencing – without silencers… Innovative fan noise reduction techniques that have saved £millions in capital and in reduced running costs… Self-financing fan silencing makes use of innovative aerodynamic … Continue reading

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Free Best Practice Guides – Noise Control, Assessment and Buy Quiet

Potentially profitable noise control, avoid wasting resources on assessment and controlling the supply side… Continue reading

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