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Stack and Fan Systems: Increased Efficiency and Lower Noise

Stealth and efficiency: the potential to make fans and stacks 20% more efficient and 99% quieter*

stack noise control retro-fit bespoke silencer insertsDid you know it’s often possible to improve the efficiency of industrial fan and stack systems and to reduce the noise using innovative aerodynamic technology instead of silencers? The technique can even allow you to remove existing silencers for yet greater efficiency gains (up to 20% or more). This approach is not only a fraction of the cost of silencers, but the efficiency gains can often make fan noise control projects profitable. Even if noise is not an issue, system efficiency can often be significantly improved as an end in itself. Moreover, we can evaluate the options for most fan systems from a couple of photos and a smartphone video or noise recording.


What is the award winning technology?

Fan efficiency is intimately related to fan noise: maximum efficiency occurs at the point of least noise (noise is energy wasted as turbulence). F1 car and aircraft designers develop sophisticated aerodynamic aids that enhance performance by controlling air flow. We’ve developed similar technology for fan systems to make them as efficient as possible. We model the system and design retro-fit aero-inserts for existing fans to reduce noise at source. Where applicable, it is also often possible to dispense with conventional silencers entirely, increasing the efficiency gains still further… The same approach is equally applicable to entire fan / stack systems.

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Silencing Performance and Costs
80% reduction in capital cost, 20% efficiency improvement*

Typically 10dB – 30dB tonal attenuation at a fraction of the capital cost of conventional silencers and with a fraction of the down-time required for installation (see example here). We have also developed a range of innovative complementary silencing techniques that address higher frequency broadband noise without compromising efficiency.

How to benefit from the technology

We can evaluate the potential for using our technology on any system anywhere on the globe using a smartphone via the internet – with no site visit.

Contact Peter Wilson for more information: +447785265660

*typical large industrial fan low frequency noise control applications and in comparison with conventional silencing e.g. $1.25 million conventional silencing refinery project cost was reduced to $250k using our technology.