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Noise Control

Top 10 noise control techniques – simple, low cost engineering noise control techniques for common noise problems. Provided by the INVC, this is the top ranked noise control document on the internet – available via the HSE site here.

Noise Control: Determining the best option – noise control diagnostic procedure for all noise problems. This INVC file is the second ranked noise control document on the internet – available via the HSE site here.


Noise and Vibration Training

iosh logo large invc siteInstitute of Occupational Safety and Health: IOSH certified noise and HAV competency training IOSH is the world’s biggest body for health and safety professionals and is formally recognised by the ILO as an international non-governmental organisation.


Instrumentation, Equipment and Materials


Cirrus Research – noise measurement instrumentation suppliers.


Casella CEL– noise measurement instrumentation suppliers



Sound Damped Steel – laminated steel, engineering noise control materials, specialist silencers and acoustic enclosures.



Echo Barrier – temporary acoustic barriers for construction, demolition and utility projects.


Ecophon_brand_logoEcophon – high hygiene acoustic absorbent systems for food, pharmaceutical and related industries


HAVi – simple, low cost hand-arm vibration dose and tool trigger time monitoring device
A useful device to evaluate finger on trigger times accurately. Provided reliable field data is entered into the device, it will also log the operator vibration dose for the tool.

Proscon – Hand-Arm vibration (HAV) meter supplier

Hansford Sensors – vibration transducers, accelerometers and meters


Legislation and Directives

Occupational Noise

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – noise regulation, assessment, control

Hand-Arm (HAV) and Whole Body Vibration (WBV)

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – hand-arm vibration (HAV) regulation

Environmental Noise, Noise Nuisance

DEFRA – environmental noise regulation and management
Chartered Institute of Environmental Health – search noise nuisance

British Standards

British Standards Institute – search for noise / hand-arm vibration standards



Industrial Deafness Watch – information and guidance about noise induced hearing damage with case studies