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Top 10 Noise Control Solutions

noise control can eliminate hearing protectionOur original “Top 10” has been the first ranked industrial noise control document on the web via the UK HSE website. This is the update, 10 years on…


These are 10 simple engineering noise control techniques that have wide application across the whole of industry. In many cases, they provide substantial noise reductions quickly and at very low cost – with little or no effect on normal operation, hygiene or use. And they are often self-financing…

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aerodynamic fan noise reduction - attenuation without silencers

The techniques include both specific case studies plus information on ways to generalise the technology for use across a wide range of applications. Whilst it may not be possible to apply some of the examples directly, simply knowing that the technology exists changes the thought processes associated with noise control.

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Our workshops in conjunction with MSIG at Lloyd’s promote the following…

Top 10 Noise Control Solutions Index and Potential Suppliers

Vibration Control

  • Vibration damping
    decimate noise from guards, hoppers, conveyors, tanks…
  • Vibration isolation pads
    isolate motors, pumps, hydraulics from noise amplifying sounding boards …

Sound Damped Steel: +44 (0) 191 259 0700

Vibration isolation pads:


  • Fan installation and efficiency
    maximum efficiency = minimum noise – fan installation best practice guide
  • Aerodynamic fan noise control – silencing without silencers
    Quiet fan technology – retro-fit aerodynamic modifications = less noise and higher efficiency


  • Pneumatic exhausts
    efficient silencing with zero back-pressure
  • Pneumatic nozzles
    efficient nozzles that produce less noise and use less air for the same performance…




  • Chains and timing belts
    simple modifications to reduce noise levels
  • Electric motors
    some are easily modified and some should be sent back due to excessive noise
  • Hydraulic power packs
    many are designed to maximise noise levels – easily corrected

Belt drives:

Existing machine guards

  • Convert to acoustically effective guards
    existing safety guards can often be modified to make them effective acoustic guards

Hygienic acoustic absorbent:–A-C3/


Technical support for all these techniques and further case studies are available from us – feel free to call or email.


The Next Step – further information and resources…

Either – click the link below to find out how to implement the noise control best practice process yourself

Go Quiet Instead of Deaf – technical paper: IOHA conference 2015
How to Recommend Self Financing Noise Control Instead of Ineffective PPE: A practical guide to determining the best noise control options for any noise source(s).
Peter Wilson: Technical Director

Or – plug-in to our expertise

The noise control diagnostic process detailed above must always be followed to evaluate what constitutes best practice. The basic process does not require a high level of engineering skill, but you can also plug-in to our expertise to update a noise risk assessment with the noise control element or evaluate the options for a noisy machine. We have a very extensive noise control best practice knowledgebase that can sometimes be accessed by email (just send us noise data, photos and smartphone recordings) or we can carry out the noise control audit following the procedure shown below. Contact us to get the definitive opinion on your noise control options.

indistrial noise control best practice options