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Whilst the case studies throughout this site are the best testimonials to the success of our approach, the following are a few more general references to our reputation with clients.

Public Recognition in our Fields…

HSE / INVC Noise Control Workshops – across the UK

Developed and run regular industrial noise control workshops in conjunction with HSE specialists at locations across the UK.

noise and vibration control and training clients

EEF / HSE Road-shows

Selected to provide both noise and vibration management and control presentations on the series of road-shows across the UK to launch both the noise and HAV regulations. Scored slightly over 100% in some appraisals due to a few delegates turning in scores of 11 – a la Spinal Tap….

IOSH Conference: Official Launch of Latest Noise Regulations

Selected to provide the noise control presentation at the official launch of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations.

Rushlight Award Winner

The Rushlight Awards are a celebration and promotion of the leading organizations throughout UK and Ireland which have furthered environmental technology and innovation. We were given this award for our fan noise control technology.

HSE Engineering Industry Noise Task Group – Google Ranked 1 and 2…

The “Top 10 noise control techniques” and “Noise Control: Determining the best option” documents on the HSE website were written by us for the group and have usually been the two top google ranked noise control documents on the internet. And now you can acquire the Top 10 noise control solutions 2015 update here.

HSE Sound Solutions

This is the set of  HSE noise control case studies collected to provide guidance and encourage the use of best practice techniques. We were the major provider of the engineering examples in the document that do not involve acoustic enclosures…

IOSH / BOHS Noise and Vibration Competency Courses

We developed both the IOSH and BOHS competency training courses in these subjects which we run both at IOSH and at a number of other venues.

Noise Projects

“INVC’s modifications have brought about a huge reduction in fan noise, improving the environmental conditions across a wide area around the Plant. They’ve also saved us a large amount of money by negating the requirement for major capital expenditure, so it’s been a remarkably successful project.” – Grahame Wallace, Tata.

“It’s good to see someone actually reducing low frequency noise rather than just measuring it…” Geoff Leventhal: Chairman: LF Noise Conference (referring to one of our case studies presented by Jon Toft of the Environment Agency)

“My only regret is that we didn’t call you in 6 months ago as we wouldn’t have been poking around in the dark for so long.” Bill Williams: QHSE manager Ambirad

“We felt that there had to be a better way to reduce the fan noise other than by compromising the system efficiency and creating additional long term maintenance” said Terry Brice of Red Bull Technology. “The INVC technique not only produced a fantastic result, but it’s also very satisfying as an elegant engineering solution”.

Conferences, Presentations and Training

Many thanks for your excellent, well grounded and humorous talk yesterday – much appreciated by everybody there… Some of your real world illustrations and solutions were certainly thought provoking… the best noise presentation I’ve ever been to…” BOHS – Andy Phillips: HSE

IOSH “secret shoppers” and in-house quality control audit
100% positive: “I’ve attended many courses over the years and found this was excellent. The lecturer and demos were of a very high quality. Content excellent and very practical based. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in noise at work.” “Excellent tutor and very well structured and presented course; very well worthwhile course, superbly run.”

“…made noise measurement & calculations easy and both theoretical and practical sessions were superb… the best course I’ve ever been on.” Sean O’Sullivan : H&S Manager, Harris Ireland

“This course is vastly superior to the one I did previously, which spent most of the time on a scientific calculator. I spoke to my colleagues who went to ….; they spent the whole week battling with a calculator, and wouldn’t recommend the course. I’ve told our training department to use you solely.” Allan Johnson: Conoco Phillips

Vibration Projects

Chocolate moulding vibrators: INVC modifications reduced the standard deviation across the moulds from 1.2gms/sweet down to 0.2gms/sweet, saving a fortune in chocolate… Figures speak louder than words…

Chocolate enrober vibrator: our total redesign eliminated fatigue cracking and improved control of coating thickness to such an extent that the average coating thickness could be reduced by 10%, saving 6 figure sums every year. The new vibrator is inherently perfectly balanced – “Get yourself down here to take a look, we’re running it in the workshop with a pound coin balanced on the frame…” Jim Morrison, Line Engineer

“It made a refreshing change to speak to someone who clearly understands, and knows how best to practically address, the problems most local authorities are currently faced with when managing exposure to HAV.” Derek Smith: Sheffield CC

“Just as a ‘thank you’ – we reduced our daily exposures for grinders/sanders from around 5m/sec^2 down to below 2m/sec^2 by improving the tools…”. Mick Schilling: Coventry and Solihull Waste Disposal Company


Croner Health and Safety Guides: chosen to generate the noise and hand-arm vibration guides

More Sound Solutions – noise control case studies: “Fascinating reading; having been cursed with boxing-in fans I’m relieved you avoid enclosures and consider enclosing noise source is the expensive way out, which brings its own problems, especially those of access and hazards to anyone unfortunate enough to have to work inside them. Again, thank you for very interesting reading, you really are THE experts!” Martin Galliers; Dust Control

HAV Manual – best practice guide: “I’ve just printed a copy – a superb document. Many thanks.” Tony Pallot; Jersey Mail