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Company History

Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre


INVC noise and vibration consultancy officesThe INVC was set up in 1985 as a management buy-out of the Lucas Industries noise and vibration engineering consultancy services. These services covered extensive practical experience in the automotive, aerospace, general manufacturing and product development as well as providing training for diverse organisations including the I.Mech.E. Since then, we have provided an expanding range of noise and vibration related engineering consultant activities, training services and bespoke noise analysis systems. The sheer range of projects makes for very interesting and challenging work for any consultant with an interest in engineering. This heritage combined with cross fertilisation across industries (e.g. chocolate and concrete processing have much in common!) has also generated a constant stream of innovations and case studies incorporated into the popular training courses we run for the major UK training organisations.

The success of our approach has made us the company of choice with respect to our specialities for a diverse range of companies such as Cadbury, GlaxoSmithKline, Nestlé, CMB, CompAir, Coca Cola, BAA, Desoutter and many others.


Most of our consultants are degree qualified engineers with a wide range of experience across industries such as aerospace, automotive, gas turbines, marine… In addition to expertise and experience with noise and vibration, we recruit people who have the knack of getting to the nub of a problem and then working out the best way to solve it. In addition, many of us also have very extensive experience in running practical training workshops, blending the practical expertise with an ability to put over technical topics in a non-academic manner.


Per capita, the Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre is probably one of the best equipped noise and vibration consultancies in the country. Each engineer has a sophisticated sound level meter, solid state digital recorder, vibration meter, notebook PC and frequency analyser. This “basic” kit is backed by a raft of more specialised equipment for more esoteric work (and if nothing suitable has been available, we have often designed our own).