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Our unique approach

Our client list includes a who’s who of the major public and commercial organisations is a consequence of a very successful track record. Our reputation is built on the ability to provide elegant and innovative engineering solutions to problems in addition to, or instead of, traditional palliative techniques. This gives you more options, a guarantee that you’ll be using current best practice – plus typical project cost savings of 50% – 110% (the latter for self-financing projects).

For example, we developed a yoghurt based noise control system in order to save the client over £100k on a £110k project…

Give us a call for a second opinion

Many major organisations have us on fast-dial for noise and vibration projects. They like the fact that they can just call to discuss projects with engineers who really understand their problems and who can help them to avoid making potentially costly mistakes. There is also the reassurance that they can often save a small fortune by finding out about the techniques that are current best practice.

Noise control best practice video blog by our technical director, Peter Wilson, outlining our approach – with examples…

Noise and Vibration Consultancy

Best Practice: whatever problem a client has, we make sure they get the best practical advice and solution available anywhere. Wherever existing best practice has been a hassle or not up to par for the circumstances, we’ve develop new best practices. We enjoy being innovators.


Effective Training: noise and vibration are technical subjects, but, despite current conventions, they don’t have to be academic (we suspect a plot…). As busy professionals don’t generally have the time (or the inclination) to become specialists, we have made our training pragmatic, effective – and enjoyable…

  • we developed a unique, totally non-mathematical way to teach noise (the taming of the decibel) that is used in the competency courses we developed for IOSH. This makes them more practical and easier than the conventional academic courses.
  • pictures and sounds are worth 1000 words. We use a lot of media examples – it has been suggested that we should do a Christmas Lecture…