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“…your noise control recommendations were @!!?#!! amazing…”

This client comment sums up what we do. We’re an award winning engineering consultancy that solves noise and vibration problems using elegant engineering techniques. This in a field dominated by acousticians and academics who measure (although we do have a wealth of acoustic qualifications too…). Our engineering expertise gives us a uniquely innovative and practical approach that explains why our noise control project recommendations reduce typical costs by 50% – 80% (cf conventional methods), making them self-financing surprisingly often. It also explains why we are used by industry, regulators and other consultants in our field as the arbiter of what constitutes current best practice, a significant proportion of which was developed by our engineers. Hence the testimonials from a client list that includes all the major public and commercial organisations.

We’re also the major provider of noise and vibration training in the UK as developers of the IOSH occupational noise and hand arm vibration competency courses and, shortly, CIEH environmental noise competency training. We train regulators, engineers, safety and environmental professionals, EHOs and other consultancies…

Our approach
A reputation for solving – rather than simply measuring – noise and vibration problems across a wide range of industries. Video Blog

Company history
noise and vibration production line quality testingAn engineering heritage with nearly 30 years of highly successful innovation in developing current best practice.

Reputation, reputation, reputation…