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Digital Noise Assessment Template

Noise Assessment Report Template

Access benchmark template report documents at no cost

occupational noise assessment and risk management under the CoNAWR regulations

Currently, industry wastes a fortune on assessments and noise surveys that are often little more than placebo annual or bi-annual “check-box” exercises. Surveys by both the HSE and ourselves have shown that most of these assessments are inadequate – they do not even meet the minimum regulatory requirements and require a re-assessment.

We have decided to tackle this issue by making our benchmark Digital Noise Assessment (DNA) report templates available under an “Open Source Licence Agreement” – at no cost. This provides clients with a very high quality report structure as a template Word document with technical notes and graphics. Decades in development and honed by feedback from the IOSH competency courses, this also eliminates the time consuming and tedious process of report writing – which can take longer than the survey itself…

We hope that the free availability of a high quality template will facilitate the spread of best practice across company sites and whole industries. Improving the quality of reporting and risk management will also save resources, time and money which would be better spent on risk reduction.

DNA Benefits

  • Higher Quality and Accuracy: DNA combines “best practice” from over 25 years of reporting refinements with experience from our IOSH competency courses into an elegant industry benchmark DNA noise assessment reportstemplate
  • Speed and Simplicity: the template DNA report format makes both assessments and updates much faster and easier
  • Reduced Time and Costs: past noise data is instantly accessible in a standard format, reducing the indirect costs associated with noise management and the processing of potential claims by an order of magnitude
  • Action Plan – made easy and effective: Action Plan logging/updating encourages effective action by making the process simple and easy to police
  • Record Keeping and Accessibility: an elegant cure for Corporate Amnesia. Years of data can be made accessible in seconds –  whereas if you have ever tried to locate and extract useful information from a series of conventional assessment reports…

DNA Assessments Assessed
“…exactly the way assessments should be presented… loved the way the technical details are separated from the practical recommendations… the Action Plan section is ideal… particularly impressed by the low costs associated with the noise control options to actually solve some of the problems…”

DNA Documentation in Detail

Standard features included in the free template

  • Digital Noise Assessment report “best practice” template: customisable template Word document that covers all the regulatory requirements
  • Action Plan summary: editable managers’ action plan summary extract to track implementation of the risk management programme recommendations
  • Technical Notes: up-to-date technical notes on the regulations, PPE, dose calculations, health surveillance, Buy Quiet purchasing policy, noise control, training
  • Example Report: completed pdf report example including factory plan noise level

 Enhanced DNA features

These are the key additional features and services available to complete a best practice risk management programme if you don’t have the resources, time or expertise yourself. Contact us for costs and more detail.

  • Noise Control Audit – a mandatory regulatory requirement: if you don’t have the necessary specialist background, we can provide an engineering evaluation of the noise control options available using the best of current technology, with costs and associated noise reductions. This is the information you must have to plan the risk reduction programme. Elimination of mandatory PPE at low cost is surprisingly often practical – and even self-financing… This audit is available as an add-on to update any noise assessment. Contact us to discuss the options.

Quoting the HSE guidance:-
“These regulations are concerned with controlling the risks from noise, not just measuring them…”. “You cannot use PPE for long term risk management unless you can prove that noise control is not practical”

  • DNA On-Site Installation and Training: for totally “plug-and-play” approach, we can customise the template for you, provide on-site training in noise measurement and control, management briefings… Contact us to discuss the options.

Additional DNA features and services

The following are cost options available from the INVC. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Public or in-house training courses, materials and resources: toolbox education/motivation, noise control, IOSH noise competency , Buy Quiet ….
  • Buy Quiet noise purchasing standard: customised template noise buying standard for new plant and equipment
  • Noise Control Best Practice Database – Corporate Amnesia: this includes case study examples, materials, suppliers, outline drawings etc as an in-house, up-datable reference for engineers – avoids reinventing the wheel and reduces the chance of costly mistakes
  • Customising the Template: we can carry out a partial noise assessment and then customise the DNA templates to suit the particular company culture and circumstances, this often includes a Noise Control Audit in parallel. More information about our noise assessment services is available here.
  • Factory Plans and Tables: DNA assessments for static sites usually include noise data on factory plans exported as pdf. These can even include photos and sound samples. For mobile plant, we use a spreadsheet that calculates the “safe working distance”.

Noise Assessment Report Template Feedback

Please feel free to email us with comments and suggestions for updates. We hope to build up a community of users who can pool resources to create customised versions of the templates.