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Noise recording and analysis

Noise and Recording and Analysis – Expertise and Practical Experience

We probably have more experience and expertise in field noise and vibration recording and analysis than any other organisation. We developed the first bespoke noise nuisance recorder (DAT tape technology) and were at the forefront of the fledgling PC based analysis capabilities in the 80’s.

noise recording and frequency analysis hardware software and systemsAll our consultants have always had recorders for site work (recording from both sound level meters and vibration meters) so we can provide unparalleled and practical technical support for both our own hardware and software and for that from other organisations. Current users include a host of Local Authorities, all the Environment Agencies, engineering companies, consultants…

 Low Cost, Solid State Digital Noise Recording and Analysis – save £000’s

microtrack digital noise recorder for sound and tonal analysismarantz-pmd620 digital sound recorder for post noise and frequency analysisYou can turn virtually any sound level meter into a calibrated, high quality noise recording system for around £200 – a saving of around £4000 or more over the top of the range meters with built-in recordings. We have tested many recorders, but the two we use ourselves are the M-Audio and Marantz devices illustrated here (readily available on the web). Connect the AC output lead from your simple sound level meter, et voila – calibrated Type 1 or 2 specification recordings. Download via USB onto your PC, open in FrequencyMaster or NoiseMaster and you have a very simple to use, yet very sophisticated analysis facility (including narrow band tonal noise analysis) that is still only half the cost of an up-market meter – and can be used by everyone. This approach not only dramatically reduces costs (endowing your old meters with top-of-the-range-capabilities), but it also improves analysis quality and productivity.

FrequencyMaster Noise and Vibration Analyser Software

Low cost narrow band frequency analysis made very simple

“.. a terrific piece of kit..” Terry Croker, Compair (industrial engineering testing)
“.. excellent piece of software; easy to use. can’t really think of any improvements.” Keiran Smith, S Shrops Council

narrow band tonal noise analysis system softwareTypical Applications for FrequencyMaster include:-

  • environmental noise analysis – BS4142, diagnosis, low frequency (LF) noise complaints, prediction
  • analysis of noise nuisance recorder recordings
  • environmental and occupational noise control – diagnosis
  • fault diagnosis – noise and vibration frequency analysis for engineers
  • product testing – noise and vibration frequency analysis
  • training – noise and vibration analysis and visualisation

New version 3 of the best selling frequency analyser – now with unique i-Player facilities for high speed subjective sound processing.

Narrow band frequency analysis of tonal noise is a very powerful and useful tool for environmental assessment, source identification, noise and vibration control, machine fault diagnosis and many other applications. The main barriers to widespread use have been a combination of cost and the sheer “user hostility” of most FFT analysers. New technology has allowed us to change the rules of the game as far as frequency analysis is concerned.

FrequencyMaster makes sophisticated analysis and display techniques accessible to everyone at little more than the cost of a replacement microphone. Real time FFT, 1/1, 1/3 octaves; 3D waterfall plots; digital recording to disk; plot overlays; time trace; data export …

FrequencyMaster can also be used as an upgrade to provide tonal analysis for existing systems (such as noise nuisance recorders) as it can process sound files from virtually any source, individually or in batches. Alternatively, you can take FrequencyMaster into the field for live frequency analysis by installing it on a low cost netbook or tablet PC when you can take full advantage of the user interface and recording facilities.

iPlayer: Unique Accelerated Listening Software

Reduce subjective sound recording analysis time by 90%…
iPlayer facilities are built-in to the latest versions of both FrequencyMaster and NoiseMaster. Based on our own experience of the time consuming hassles involved in listening to interminable complainant recordings from noise nuisance recorders, the iPlayer is an invaluable tool that decimates the time taken to process the files (avoiding incipient “athletes’ ear”…). The key features are:-

  • intuitive in use – very graphical with no learning curve and nothing to remember
  • efficient – reduces the subjective processing time for recordings by c 90%
  • low frequency identification – helps resolve those difficult and time consuming low frequency noise complaints

NoiseMaster – sound file analyser and logging noise monitor and recorder

Some of the key NoiseMaster applications and features include:-

  • high speed automated analysis – sound files from any system – speeds up analysis
  • direct export into iPlayer (subjective analysis) or FrequencyMaster (frequency analysis)
  • long-term environmental noise monitoring with sophisticated triggering of sound file recording
  • SMS text message alerts when consent conditions are exceeded – real-time feedback
  • automated engineering product noise and vibration testing

Noise Master combines the facilities of virtually every sound level meter and logging noise analyser you can imagine with those of an automated digital recorder. It breaks yet further with tradition by making these facilities simple to use – and by providing them at a low cost. Whether being used for post-processing batches of sound files from virtually any recording system or for real-time noise analysis on a construction site, NoiseMaster makes sophisticated noise analysis simple.

It not only allows you to make digital recordings of types of event for identification and frequency analysis (and exporting directly into FrequencyMaster), but also allows you to look at noise variations in detail and try instant “what if” re-analyses using different measurement parameters. Parallel Lns; Leq; Lmax/min; digital recording to disk; 3D plots; re-analysis of logged data; remote communications …

Training and Recording Analysis

We have also trained 100s of EHOs and other delegates in recording and analysis techniques and all makes of noise nuisance recorders. We also provide recording analysis services for diagnosis and for court cases.