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HAV and Noise – kill 2 birds with 1 stone

Reduce costs by rationalising and combining noise and HAV risk management

combined HAV - hand arm vibration - and noiseEffective assessment and risk management of both Hand-Arm Vibration and noise soaks-up scarce resources, particularly in industries such as construction where plant is mobile and ever changing. Combining them into a single, streamlined process dramatically reduces the costs and time involved – particularly where HAV and noise data can be supplied directly from a database, minimising the need for measurement.

The latest HAV + NOISE-Base is an integrated database of accurate HAV and noise data from thousands of field measurements that provides a serious short-cut to best practice. Use it to eliminate much of your measurement time and to simplify day-to-day best practice risk management on site. NOISE-Base, for example, automatically generates a mandatory PPE radius and suitable protector options from noise data and HAV-Base makes creating a new project risk assessment a 10 minute task. The invaluable information in the combined HAV-Base and NOISE-Base databases is available for in-house use, via virtual assessment by email or coupled with options such as bench-marking and competency training

04. May 2011 by Peter Wilson
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