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Fan Silencing – an efficient, low cost alternative to silencers

Most industrial noise nuisance problems are caused by fans. Imagine the change in attitude of noisy sites if they could eliminate complaints and make a profit in the process…

Did you know it’s possible to reduce industrial fan noise and to improve fan efficiency using innovative aerodynamic technology instead of silencers? The technique is not only a fraction of the cost of silencers, but the efficiency gains can often make noise control projects profitable. This can dramatically reduce the time it takes to sort out noise complaints (to as little as 3 days from referral to quietened fan and happy residents). We can evaluate the control options for most fan noise problems for you (at no charge) by email from a couple of photos and a smartphone video or noise recording (visit – remote control of noise).

Performance and Costs – 80% reduction in capital cost, 20% efficiency improvement*
Typically 10dB – 30dB tonal attenuation at a fraction of the capital cost of conventional silencers and with minimal down-time required for installation.

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*typical large industrial fan low frequency noise control applications, comparison with conventional silencing e.g. $1.25 million conventional silencing refinery project cost reduced to $250k using our technology.

What is the award winning technology?

aerodynamic fan noise reduction - attenuation without silencers

Car and aircraft designers develop aerodynamic aids to enhance performance. We’ve developed similar technology for fan systems to make them as efficient as possible. We model the system and design retro-fit aero-inserts for existing fans to reduce noise at source. Where applicable, it is often possible to dispense with conventional silencers entirely…

For more information visit – Fan Noise Control