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Fan Noise Control Master Class: Leicester and Slough

Learn how to cut fan noise attenuation project costs by 50% – 110%*

Fans are the most common of all occupational and environmental noise sources (NPL figures suggest that two thirds of complaints about noise from industrial premises are related to fans). However, most typical fan noise control projects still only consider high cost antediluvian palliative techniques that haven’t changed since Victorian times. Conventionally, the only techniques used are:-

  • silencers / attenuators (can reduce efficiency)environmental-noise-industry
  • enclosures (reduced access, heat build-up)
  • lagging (corrosion problems)
  • barriers (very often ineffective)
  • building modifications (seriously expensive)

However, there is a host of alternative techniques that should be considered before falling back on these palliatives. These include:-

The Fan Noise Control Master Class is designed to address this failing. It provides a definitive guide to all the fan noise attenuation options that are available with current technology. Delegates find out how to assess what constitutes “best practice” in assessing and controlling the noise from any type of fan, from take-away kitchen units to massive industrial fans. It also includes practical advice on the best measurement and analysis techniques and on the specification of noise limits. You also gain access to a free advice service to give you a second opinion to avoid potentially expensive mistakes…

“..the best lecturer I have ever had with relevant case studies.” Jon Tofts: PPC officer Environment Agency

Topics covered include:-

  • Fan noise reduction options
    Instant, low cost, retro-fit attenuation techniques for many common fan noise problems; material specifications; installation geometries; conventional smartphone websilencer types; setting fan noise specifications;  review of innovative aerodynamic source control and improved efficiency technology (silencing without attenuators). Many innovative noise control projects can improve system efficiency, making them self-financing
  • Diagnostic techniques – smartphone recording and analysis
    Problems with BS4142; BAT / BPM evaluation techniques; convert old sound level meters to calibrated sound recorders for £100; fan noise analysis – from ears to computers…
  • Remote control of noise – speeds up projects and complaint resolution
    The information needed to get a free evaluation of the fan noise control options and costs by email (smartphone recordings and photos)

Free FrequencyMaster noise analysis software (usually £900)low-frequency-noise-control
All delegates are provided with a free personal copy of our FrequencyMaster Noise Analysis Software. This provides easy to use access to 1/1 – 1/3 octave and tonal noise analyses from recorded data. We use this software ourselves on a daily basis to evaluate and diagnose fan noise problems.
*where increased system efficiency saves power or increases productivity

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19. February 2016 by Peter Wilson
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