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Acoustic Shock – Shock!!

Doesn’t the term “Acoustic Shock” sound nasty? If you renamed it “unexpected somewhat louder headset noise than usual that is still at only a tiny fraction of the noise level that is deemed to cause hearing damage in industry”, it … Continue reading

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Satisfying Super-Sensitive Complainants with Psychological Silencing

If you play white noise to a group of people and tell them that the song “White Christmas” is hidden in the sound, about 30% of them will be convinced that they can hear it. The human mind is always … Continue reading

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Plugging Entertainment Noise

Have you noticed that the PPE manufacturers are rushing out new devices – “now with added less protection” – for lower levels of noise exposure and for the entertainment industry? I can personally recommend these plugs for rock concerts – … Continue reading

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Noise Kills – New WHO Data Quantifies the Risks

Noise is stressful and can damage your health – particularly if you show up at 3am to an all-night party asking them to turn the noise down… New evidence collected by the World Health Organisation indicates that c 3% of … Continue reading

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Apparently, high levels of noise do not damage your hearing…

… as long as the “noise” is music. Thus spake Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail earlier this year – he’s a journalist, for some value of “journalist”. “Blessed is the man who, being ignorant, abstains from giving us worthy … Continue reading

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