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ASA ruling: wrist mounted HAV monitors do not measure to the standard … not suitable for regulatory risk assessment..

Why did the Advertising Standards Authority have to rule on what should be common knowledge? What is HAVS monitoring best practice, what do insurers say and could zero monitoring be the best option? You would have thought that the issues surrounding … Continue reading

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HAV mis-measurement – to no standards whatsoever… New HSE guidance

Misunderstanding Hand Arm Vibration monitoring marketing material can put hands and safety policies at risk. Caveat emptor. Stop Press: 27/02/17: HSE has just issued new guidance on HAV measurement and management covering similar concerns. These may well change the way … Continue reading

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Noise and HAV risk management – on site simplification

A simple way to cope with mobile plant and tools A question about a common problem that came up when giving a presentation at a recent IOSH meeting has a really simple answer. What struck me was the enthusiasm for … Continue reading

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HAV and Noise – kill 2 birds with 1 stone

Reduce costs by rationalising and combining noise and HAV risk management. Continue reading

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